All Things Hair!

The number one question I get asked in life is all about… drum roll please…

MY HAIR!!!!!!

I thank my lucky stars I got good hair… my dad has a head full of thick, coarse hair, and my poor mom on the other hand, has super, super thin hair (sorry mom, haha). So it could’ve gone either way, but I ended up with a full head of heavy, thick, coarse, wavy-ish hair. Like so thick, women’s hats don’t fit me and I have to buy men’s… HAHAH! First World Problems, I know.

So I wanted to dedicate a post to all things hair. Full curling video tutorial to come soon, but I will give a few curling tips here as well.


I repeat. WASH YOUR HAIR AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. I used to think it was crazy and disgusting when people said they washed their hair like once or twice a week. But when you have hair this thick that takes forever to curl, you research the crap out of it online and figure out how to TRAIN your hair. That’s right. You can train that puppy (pun intended ;)). It will take about 2 weeks to get your oil glands to calm down and realize they don’t need to produce as much oil as they needed to when you were washing your hair all the dang time. But they will learn. And you will be happier. Your hair will be happier. And if you color your hair, your colorist will wonder how your color hasn’t faded as quickly!

Another huge thing that helps on the days you DO wash your hair – SHAMPOO IT TWICE!!!!!!!

You know how the shampoo bottles say lather, rinse, repeat?! That wasn’t just a saying. It’s real! The first wash loosens up the dirt, grime, oil, and product. The second wash you will notice has way more suds, and will really wash away everything, leaving you with hair cleaner than you thought possible. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week, especially if you use dry shampoo and other products in your hair. Be sure it’s a color safe one. I listed a few of my shampoo/conditioner favorites below.

Along these same lines, only do conditioner on the BOTTOM half of your hair. Putting it up close to your roots will only contribute to the greasy, unwashed look. Your hair already gets moisturized from the natural oils at your scalp. The ends are the only things that need moisture.

Next step – BEDTIME.

Always go to bed with dry hair!! Going to sleep with wet hair is similar to when you have a bandaid on for a long time and your skin got wet underneath. It will make your scalp gross and flaky to have wet hair squished against it all night.

Second part of the bedtime routine, always sleep on a silk pillowcase!!

There are some with copper infused strands, and skincare IN the pillowcase, which is a bit more of an expensive option. I have one, and I do love it more than any of my other silk pillowcases, so I linked that one down below if you want to treat yourself. But you can also find more affordable options in the $20 range, that will get the job done, so I linked those too. A silk pillowcase doesn’t absorb your skincare, so the expensive serums and lotions you just put on your face at night will stay ON your face, and then it also allows your hair to slip and slide across it while you toss and turn at night. Which in turn creates less breakage, and less roughing up of the hair strand. It seriously is life changing. I bring my silk pillowcase EVERYWHERE when I travel. Yes, I’m that girl who brings her own pillow ;)!

My last little tips summed up quickly:

Get a good dry shampoo (not all are created equal). I linked my fave below that ACTUALLY cleans your hair (Living Proof). I only use this on the last day before I wash. If you use it everyday your hair will feel so full of buildup. Side note – I live and die for this dry shampoo PASTE! Literally a waxy cream – you rub it into your roots and anywhere your hair feels greasy, and then use it all over for a little lived in texture. It is a DREAM! And lasts like 19 years ;).

Brush your hair as little as possible. I brush mine once every morning as quickly as possible and thats IT. Linked my fave ROSE GOLD wet brush below!

If you work out or sweat – blow-dry your roots on the COOL setting as soon as possible after your workout. 

Invest in a good curling wand. You need one that gets hot enough to set the curl, but not so hot that it damages your hair. My fave is only $50 and it is linked below.

Always curl your hair AWAY from your face.

Curl your hair in layers, starting at the bottom, moving up to the top.

Get a good DRY texturizing spray. Linked budget friendly and splurge options below. I use it every time I curl my hair, on each layer of hair.

If your hair loses curl quickly, before letting the curl down, hold each piece you’ve curled, coiled up, in your hand, close to the scalp, until it cools. Hair has memory, and this allows it to SET in the position it cooled in, aka a tight curl. It will still fall, just not as much as normal. 

Buy a GOOD shower cap (I’ll link my fave) – I still shower my body everyday after the gym etc, so this is key. I clip my hair up, put on a shower cap, and I am good to go.

UPDATE – I got some questions about hair dryers, so I added those links here. This one is my DREAM dryer, that my hairdresser uses and it eliminates so much drying time. This one is the one I currently use and LOVE, especially for the price point. Almost 3,000 4-5 star reviews on amazon, and under $60, yes please!

I hope these tips helped, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and I will get back to you! It has taken me a good decade to learn and perfect the beauty wave that I love so much, and I want to help all of you achieve it too!!!!

Happy hair curling, my babes!!!

12 comments on “All Things Hair!”

  1. Natalie Reply

    Do you have a recommendation for a good hairdryer? I have super thick hair so to dry it takes forever.

    • Lauren Reply

      YES! I have crazy thick hair too, and I’ve tried a lot of hairdryers. My dream dryer (that my hairstylist uses and it’s INSANELY good) is this one – but the one I currently have and seriously LOVE for the price point is this one – . I have had it for several years and recommended it to many people who LOVE it as well. It’s ionic which cuts down on hair damage, and drying time! Let me know if you try it!

  2. Rachel Reply

    So you only use dry shampoo the last day?? What about the other days? I get greasy by day 3 and need to use dry shampoo but like you said the LP one gets buildup after 2+ days. Tips?? Can’t wait to see what else you create on here!! So proud of you girlfriend 🙂

    • Lauren Reply

      Thank you SO much. Like seriously, your support means the world to me!!!! You have to train your oil glands to not produce so much oil. So even though you’re not washing, if you’re using dry shampoo frequently, it’s signaling to your oil glands that it’s dry and they need to produce oil again. SOOOO, just try to go as LONG as you can without dry shampoo. It’ll be greasy the first 1-2 weeks but then your body will adapt!!! And then I just use the dry shampoo on the last day before I wash. Good luck!!! Let me know if you have any other questions :)! xo

  3. Taylor Reply

    I’ve always wanted to try washing my hair less, but I have naturally curly hair & it gets SUPER tangled! Any suggestions?

    • Lauren Reply

      This is a good question, I am gonna have to ask some girlfriends with curly hair. I’ve always heard if you have curly hair, brush it in the shower WITH the conditioner in it, then don’t brush it again after you get out. Does that work for you?!

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