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Future Skincare

Hi my friends! So I was recently approached by a new skincare brand asking if I’d be interested in working with them. But if you’re been here for a while, you know my rule. I have to try something, and make sure I LOVE IT, before I will share it with you. I’ve worked hard

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10 Minute Makeup

Happy Thursday, beauties! We are almost to the weekend! I’ve been getting questions about my makeup on my Instagram stories lately, so I thought I’d do a quick updated routine here. Complete with allllll the links, so it’s easy for you to shop! This is not your “date night” type makeup, but just a quick,

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Favorite Bracelet Sale

It’s November 1. And you know what November 1 means….. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!! HAHA! I am totally the person that when the clock strikes midnight on October 31, it’s full steam ahead with Christmas music, Christmas decor, and all things DECK THE HALLS, JINGLE BELLS!!!!! Are you the same, or are you one of those

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