Everyone’s Dirty Little Secret

Ok, it’s time to talk something super controversial…. and that’s BOTOX!

It’s like this dirty little secret that SO many girls have, yet most are unwilling to talk about it. But if you girls have been following me for any amount of time, you know the drill – I am a chronic oversharer ;). I mean, that’s what bloggers do, right?!

I have been getting botox since the age of 30. And I love botox. Can’t imagine my life without botox (I mean I can butttt… I would rather not! HA!)!!!

Right about now is when I hear the comments rolling in…

“You’re too young!”

“You don’t need Botox, you have good skin!”

The list goes on.

But that’s where this word comes into play – PREVENTION!!!!!!

Have you ever heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?! I don’t get botox to look like a creepy, frozen, weirdo. I get botox because it makes me look fresh and awake and youthful. And I get botox because it is PREVENTATIVE. 

Let’s get a little medical here for a second (just a little… not too much, I promise).

A dynamic wrinkle is one that is created on your face only when you are using your face muscles – aka talking, laughing, smiling, etc. A static wrinkle is one that is there even with no movement. It’s there, and it’s deep, and as far as I’m concerned, it makes my face look VERY tired. Botox helps prevent these lines and wrinkles from getting too deep and too set in your skin. 

Getting botox does NOT mean that you can’t smile, laugh, and have normal movement in your face. If you go to an injector that you trust, and who knows what they’re doing, then you will never look fake or frozen. Trust me. 

A few questions I’ve been asked about botox:

How long does it last?

Depends on how fast your body metabolizes it, but anywhere from 3-5 months.

How many units do you get?

This also depends on what areas of your face you treat. I treat my forehead and my glabella (in between my eyebrows) – always do those two areas together. They are related muscle groups and if you do one but not the other, it will overcompensate and you could end up with a heavy brow. I also treat the crow’s feet around my eyes. Those only take about 8 units per eye. And last but not least, I do the area right above my upper lip. The reason for this is that it gives it a tiny “lip flip”, as they call it, and can really help with gummy smiles. I had jaw surgery in high school and I get botox there to help cover a few spots where I have receding gums that I don’t like the look of.

How much does it cost?

This is so hard to say because I know friends who get it in several different states, and the price varies depending on the market. I would say the average market price is $10-12 per unit.

Does it hurt?

You guys. I am seriously THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BABY and it does NOT hurt at all. They use like the littlest, tiniest needles, with the littlest, tiniest pinches. When I do my upper lip area, I do have that numbed with medical grade numbing cream first, because that is a tiny bit more sensitive. Photo below is me with the numbing cream on, pre injection.

I go to Aesthetic Laser Specialists, in Carlsbad, California. Nurse Nicole has been injecting for years, and is seriously an artist at her craft. She knows exactly where to inject it, how much, and all the whys behind it. She has studied the face, and truly brings out your best side. 

Here are my before and afters. Don’t forget – it takes 7-10 days for it to fully take effect of relaxing the muscle group where it was injected.

In conclusion, this is where another one of my favorite quotes comes into play. “You do you!”

I TOTALLY get it that botox isn’t for everyone, and it’s not something that everyone is willing to do. But I want to provide education – for those who don’t know the details, and think it’s just some gross frozen face thing only older people do. And if you’ve been on the fence, I hope this helped shed some light on the whole dirty little secret that at least 50% of your girlfriends are walking around hiding in plain view ;). I want to know – do you get botox?! And if you do – do you keep it a secret or tell the world like me :)?

Please keep in mind I am not a doctor, and be sure to consult a trained medical professional before making any decisions regarding botox or any other injections.

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