Faster Way To Fat Loss Review

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I just recently completed the 6 week “Faster Way to Fat Loss” Program! I am SO, so happy with my results so I wanted to tell you why, and share more about what FWTFL is!

I’ve tried many “diets” over the years… I even took HCG drops years ago, I’ve worked out with a personal trainer 5 days a week, I’ve done super low carb… I’ve tried it all haha. 

The number one thing I love about Faster Way to Fat Loss is that it is SUSTAINABLE! It is doable for ANYONE, and once you’ve been going for a few weeks, you really get into the groove.

So let me break it down for you –

Basically what FWTFL is – a whole food nutrition, macro counting, carb cycling, way of eating, paired with a workout plan and intermittent fasting windows. Along with this you get – a meal plan, a personal coach, a facebook group of other people in the same 6 week round as you, and an app that includes macro tracking and workouts!



It is 6 weeks long, and includes a weekly meal plan as well as shopping list, that you can use as little or as much as you want! Once I got going with it, I started knowing what I wanted to eat or not eat, and could tailor the plan to my individual preferences. 

Every week, you have two LOW CARB days, to get your body to basically tap into it’s carb stores. Then, the other 5 days are considered NORMAL CARB days. This is a (very basic) breakdown of something known as “carb cycling”. I loved that it went in a cycle like this, because then I wasn’t forced to limit myself everyday. I couldn’t believe all of the things that were carb heavy that I had no idea about, outside of the normal bread and pasta, etc. 

Another great thing is that every Saturday is leg day, and you get a treat!!! Any diet that makes me abstain from basically EVERYTHING tasty, for weeks or months at a time, is not sustainable for me. This was great because I didn’t go crazy on Saturdays, but I looked forward to my weekly treat, and it kept me going throughout the week.

As far as the eating goes, I LOVED that I was never hungry!!! I couldn’t believe how many calories were included, as long as I followed my macro intake of protein, fats, and carbs. It was SO EASY to follow because it is ALL in the included app, where you can track all of your food!!!


There is an app for every one who signs up, and they offer in home and gym based workouts for every single day. This took all of the thought and effort out of it for me – there were literally video clips for every single exercise. All I had to do was show up! And I knew that every single day, the correct muscle groups would be worked out! I also loved to incorporate fun workouts, that didn’t feel like working out. Get out there, take a hike, a walk, a run, and get some sunshine & vitamin D!


This was one area I was worried about being able to do, but let me tell you – it was so easy! It is a 16 hour fasting window, so basically if I finished eating by 7pm at night, I wouldn’t eat again until 11am the next day. I always broke my fast with a delicious protein smoothie, and I have never felt so energized as I did when I was doing this 6 week round! Intermittent fasting has SO many health benefits, I learned after researching it, and it was so much easier than I thought.


You also get a coach who checks in with you each week (you can chat with them as little or as much as you want – they’re fully available to you!), and they also include you in a facebook group with other women participating in the same round as you! I loved that this spurred me on and kept me going, as well as gave me ideas when I was stumped on what to eat for more protein or less carbs, etc!


This program was totally attainable and do able for me (and trust me if I can do it, you can do it!). It combines intermittent fasting, carb cycling, a whole food nutrition plan (with a macro tracking app), carb cycling, and fitness to maximize fat loss, and create lean muscle. It is $199 for the 6 week plan and worth every penny! Linking it here if you want to sign up!

I lost over 10 lbs in the 6 weeks, but I also lost over 15 inches. My clothes all started fitting looser, and I even fit into a pair of pants that was 2 sizes smaller!

Overall – I will say that I was a tiny bit overwhelmed at first with all of the info, and a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it. But I was 100% pleasantly surprised, and LOVE how I felt during, and after, my 6 week round! I will absolutely be completing a FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS round a few times a year. I’ve never been happier with a fitness/wellness program, and cannot say enough good things about the company and owner itself. It is family/female owned, and they CARE about you as a client!!

Make sure to let me know if you sign up – I can’t wait to hear how much you love it!

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