Friday Favorites

Is it Friday again already?!

My husband was traveling for work all week, so the days flew by and drug on all at the same time :). I’m spending today packing our bags for a family trip to Coronado Island. We are staying right on the beach with another family, and I cannot wait!

Here are my Friday Faves for the week, AMAZON STYLE!

Who doesn’t love Amazon?! I literally don’t know what we did before it existed!


This set of four pillow covers – UM HELLO YOU GORGEOUS THINGS!!! I feel like this is the perfect, basic pillow cover set for almost every house, and at $40, that = only $10 per pillow cover! Tip – buy your inserts at IKEA, and get them one size bigger than the pillow cover itself. That way, your covers will be super full and overstuffed looking.

This cordless (aka battery powered) clothes steamer – it’s super cheap, super lightweight, and super compact. Meaning it fits perfectly in your suitcase or carryon for travel, and doesn’t take up too much shelf space at home. Works like a dream, and SO much easier than ironing.


This set of 12 or 24 spice jars – comes with a little funnel to fill them up, gorgeous gold lids (you can pick round or square jars and lids), pre printed labels, chalkboard labels, a chalk marker, and shaker tops. I mean, does it even get any better?! Perfect for all your Marie Kondo-ing vibes ;).

This meat chopper – only $7 bucks, and wayyy easier than using a spatula to chop up any ground meat you might be cooking. It is high heat resistant, and works like a dream.

This clip on pot strainer – how many times have you tried to dump the liquid or grease out of a pot, without using your colander, so that  you didn’t have to get another pot dirty?! #momlife hahah! And if you’re anything like me, you’ve many times accidentally dumped a bit of the food into the sink while attempting this task….. HA! Well, this little $10 gadget solves all of that! It fits on any pot and just clips right on. YES, PLEASE!!!

This popcorn popper – microwave popcorn is actually filled with tons of chemicals, and this thing makes popping popcorn easy, and cost efficient. I buy a $3 huge thing of kernels at the grocery store, and you use 1/4 cup each time you pop. We put a little melted butter and some sea salt on top of ours, and it is SO dang good.


These packing cubes – I like this specific set because they come with 4 in one color and 4 in another (lots of different color options). I have my kids share suitcases (less luggage charges or more space in the car – both a huge yes), and they each know what color their packing cubes are, so it’s easy for them to grab and get themselves ready. I put undies and socks in one, pajamas and swimsuits in one, tops and sweatshirts in one, and pants and shoes in the last one. Worth every penny, and a serious life saver, especially if you’re a mom.

This charging hub – it comes with a built in wall plug for charging the actual hub itself, AND built in cords for all devices for charging your phone/kindle/ipad etc. No more toting around the charging hub AND a bunch of extra cords. It’s all right there, and charges better (and faster) than any other one I’ve used!


This hat – fits everyone from age 2 to age 92, and is so dang cute. Affordable, but well made. Looks good on guys and girls! Tons of colors available.

These gold bar earrings – I have been asked about mine that look just like this SOOO many times, and now I found a $12 dupe!!!!! Only thing I can’t vouch for is how long they’ll last before the gold coating starts wearing off, but if you don’t wear them overnight/in the shower, they should do great!

This open back workout top – I have been having great luck with amazon workout wear lately, and it is so nice to not have to spend $80 bucks on a shirt I am only wearing to the gym, when I look like poo anyways ;). Loving this long sleeve one, and tons of color options too!!


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