Kids Room Budget Makeover

In today’s post, I will be showing you my favorite IKEA Dresser DIY Hack, and sharing how I made over my boy’s room on a budget!

When you’re a mom of multiple kids (or heck, even a mom at all!), the bedrooms are usually the last to get decorated! It’s always the main living areas that suck up the money, and when it comes to the bedrooms, we are usually just happy if our kids actually sleep in them, and they don’t look like a total pig pen ;).

But as my boys get older, I was determined to give them a space that they wanted to do more in than just sleep!

So, thus commenced my Operation Budget Kids Room Makeover!

Let’s get started –

First, I got the TARVA 6 Drawer Dresser from IKEA! I am tired of getting particle board furniture that falls apart in the first year, so I decided SOLID WOOD was the way to go here. You know boys – lots of dresser drawer opening and closing for all of their little treasures!

I’m going to do a full tutorial post on how I painted the dresser, but for now, here’s a mini one:

Fill any knicks or holes with wood filler. If your dresser is new you shouldn’t have to do this.

Sand the crap out of it, pre paint, to rough up the wood a bit so that it holds on to the paint. I used THIS $29 sander.

Paint with a foam roller, in thin, even coats, always keeping the “line” wet (the edge of the paint you’re meeting up with for a new stroke, should always be wet, move quickly!). I used Valspar TREELINE!

I know this seems crazy, and counter intuitive, but SAND IN BETWEEN COATS!!! I used a light 220 grit!

Do 3-4 THIN coats, sanding between each one!!

After the final coat has dried 24 hours, coat with spray paint. I used THIS $4 semi gloss one, and I needed FOUR bottles to coat the whole thing multiple times.

The key here is a LIGHT HAND!!! I REPEAT!!! LIGHT HANDED!!!!!!! Spray in short, sweeping bursts. If your pointer finger isn’t cramping up like mine did, you’re not doing it right ;). 

Let each clear coat dry at least 12 hours, sand lightly, and coat again. I ended up needing 3 coats, for a perfect, professional looking finish!

I added super affordable gold knobs to finish it off!!!!

Comment below with any questions, and enjoy photos of the room below! Links for everything at the bottom of the post!

I had so much fun making over my boys room for them, with all super affordable pieces! I hope you love it too!

Zipper, One Piece Bedding – Beddy’s Beds, discount code LAUREN20 for 20% off

Beds – designed by me and made by my husband, but we copied the style of THESE IKEA bunkbeds.

Nightstand – my favorite new brand that is SUPER affordable but surprisingly good quality! Metal frame and only $39!

Rug – the best jute rug that doesn’t shed, THIS, THIS, and THIS are some of my other affordable faves.

Dresser – IKEA Tarva, raw wood, $179.

Paint – Valspar Treeline – has other names based on retailer, but if you click on the link it will show you the color code so you can match that at any Valspar retailer! (only needed a quart!) 

Gold knobs – 10 pack for $18. I tried and returned so many, and these were the only ones that didn’t look cheap!

Tripod Lamp – $39 and looks so expensive.

Book Shelves – IKEA Spice Racks.

Fiddle Leaf Fig – the most realistic faux plant I’ve ever found, and only $34 for the 4′.

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