Nordstrom Spring Sale

Who else does their best online shopping in bed during the late hours of the night ;)?!

I’m laying here after my hubby passed out during our latest Netflix binge :), and I happened upon a HUGE sale at Nordstrom! I mean… it’s my JOB to know about these types of things, and somehow in the craziness of moving, I missed this one.

And, DANG, it is good!

The orange dress you all went CRAZY over from date night last weekend, is HALF OFF for only $25! Comes in over 10 colors and pattern options too!

Look how good this one would be for Easter! All the heart eyes!

Most of the items are $20, and all of them are below $50! I told you babes, this sale is GOOD!

Hover over an item below to see the price, and just click on the photo to be taken there!

Happy shopping!

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