Top Five Crockpot Recipes

It has been a WEEK, my friends!

If you guys follow me on Instagram (you can find me right HERE), then you saw how three kids in sports + my job as a blogger/instagrammer + my job as a mom and wife = dinners are SERIOUSLY suffering right now. If you missed this rant in my stories, sorry ;).

I keep it real on the ‘gram, that’s for sure :).

So, with all that being said, I decided to round up some of my favorite, EASY, quick, family-pleasing recipes!

Every mama’s favorite – CROCKPOT, or what some people refer to as “Slow Cooker”, recipes!

And if you’re not familiar with the crockpot, GET familiar!!! A great one that works well and is programmable is on sale for under $40 bucks HERE.

Let’s get started!

Recipe #1 – the absolute best spaghetti sauce you will EVER taste in your whole entire existence!!

Photo and recipe by one of my absolute favorite foodies, A Bountiful Kitchen! Click here for recipe.

I’ve made this recipe at LEAST 25 times… it has converted friends who thought they didn’t like spaghetti sauce, and my non-spaghetti loving husband. It is that good.

Recipe #2 – Zuppa Toscana Soup

Photo and recipe by The Chunky Chef – Click here for recipe.

If I could pick one soup to eat for the rest of my life it would be this one. I am always amazed that even my pickiest kid eaters chow down bowls of this every time I make it. So easy to throw in first thing in the morning, and it’s hot and ready for you by dinner time!

Recipe #3 – Shredded Beef Roast

Photo and recipe by A Bountiful Kitchen – Click here for recipe.

This is SO dang easy, and so dang versatile!!! I use it for tacos, quesadillas, bbq sandwiches, enchiladas, even salads. Beyond good!

Recipe #4 – Broccoli Mac and Cheese

Photo and recipe by Damn Delicious – Click here for recipe.

I have tried at least 30 recipes from this site, and never ONCE has one been a fail. I love when there’s a tried and true site you don’t have to worry whether or not the food will turn out. This one is a total crowd pleaser with kids and adults alike. YUMMY! Who doesn’t love mac and cheese?!

Recipe #5 – Ranch Taco Chicken

Photo and recipe by Creme de la Crumb (um, hello, cutest name ever!) – Click here for recipe.

My kids LOVE this on nachos, in tortillas, or even in mini bags of chips as “Walking Tacos”. It is delish, and I always make enough to freeze some of it for lunches and later meals!

That’s it! Dying to hear if you try any of them out!

Or if you have a favorite crockpot recipe, help a mama out and leave it in the comments.

Are you a crockpot lover, or nervous to try it?!?!



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