Universal Studios Hollywood

If you are lucky enough to live in the Southern California area, or even lucky enough to visit, you will find SO MANY THINGS TO DO!

California boasts sunshine almost 365 days a year, beautiful beaches, more theme parks than you can count, and a gorgeous skyline of skyscrapers nestled into the gorgeous mountains.

The kids and I had one of the best summers ever this year, and one of the places we had the priviledge to visit –

Universal Studios Hollywood

After you park in one of the parking structures, you will have to walk THROUGH “Universal CityWalk” to get to the park entrance.

Be sure to make extra time either on your way in or out of the park to explore this area. It is full of live music, amazing restaurants, shops, and more!

Here’s a few pics of the kids favorite scenes in CityWalk!

After CityWalk, you will enter the park!!!

Here is a list of our MUST SEES!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

We rode all of the rollercoaster rides here – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, where you can soar above Hogwarts, and Flight of the Hippogriff, which was gentle and family friendly.

Another one of our favorite things here in Harry Potter land, was the interactive wands. There’s many shops and stands in the area where you can purchase them, and they work with spots all over the park to perform spells in different shop windows and areas. My kids fought over it all day long, and couldn’t get enough of it. Worth every penny!

One other must have – BUTTER BEER!!!

Kid friendly, and comes blended (frozen), or over ice. Absolutely delicious, butterscotch flavored soda!

Other favorites –

Minion Mayhem, where Despicable Me minions run wild!

Transformers the Ride, 3D – probably our favorite of all!

Good for all ages, because it is a virtual reality ride!

Jurassic World – The Ride

Be prepared – this one does have a pretty significant drop, so prepare yourselves!

Also – you have to take an escalator down to this level of the park… ENJOY the gorgeous views of Los Angeles from here!

Last, but CERTAINLY not least…


I was a little hesitant when they told me it would be about 45 minutes long, but it was worth EVERY single second. We waited until the end of the day, when our feet were tired, and it was an amazing relaxing 45 minutes seated on the tour bus. We learned so much about Hollywood movie history, and couldn’t have enjoyed seeing the backlots on the Universal Studios set more!

Universal Studios Hollywood is easily conquerable in one full day, and we couldn’t have loved it more!

Thank you for having us, Universal Studios!

Comment below if you’ve been what your favorite part is – did I miss anything?!

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